William Smalley

William Smalley is President of Route Five International Inc. (RFI), an award winning expert in marketing strategy and business development and a sought after speaker known for delivering powerful sessions that teach real-world skills. Described as a “strategic mind in a sales personality” he is the author of “Intelligent Selling™” a next generation sales program based on collaboration with customers to maximize value. He helps organizations clarify their competitive advantage and value to others then he teaches sales professionals how to sell that. As a trainer and performance coach he teaches skills critical for personal and organizational success including Leadership and Teambuilding, Executive Presentation Skills, and Negotiating. His warm and engaging style and “exceptional ability to motivate people to actually use what they learn” has made him a much in demand trainer, speaker, and facilitator.

He holds an Executive MBA from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and a Certified Sales Professional Rating (with distinction) from the Canadian Professional Sales Association. A former army reservist he is a member of Treble Victor Group, a networking group that helps veterans transition out of the military to civilian success.

William Smalley is a sailor, pilot, skier, musician, recreational hockey player and avid mountain hiker and is based in Burlington, Ontario.


Influencers Toolkit for Managing the 3 “C’s” of Organizational Conflict

Wednesday, October 18, 2016

10:30 am – 12:00 pm – Queenston Hall

Managers and professionals often find themselves having to deal with the three ”C’s” of conflict – challenge, crisis, and change without formal or operational authority. We can call this “Influential leadership” and it is a critical organizational skill yet it can seem daunting and difficult. For this reason many people who are in a position to make a difference do not choose to act and personal as well as organizational performance, safety, and growth can be affected.

This interactive workshop will focus on understanding the specific nature of operational challenges and how each is unique, how to develop a basic strategy to deal with each circumstance and some communication tools that can help managers and individuals influence others to act when they do not have formal authority:

  • Understanding the 3 C’s of organizational conflict – challenge, crisis, and change – how they are different, the unique nature of your organizational culture to respond to challenges, and how individual people may respond to each.
  • Developing Influential leadership strategies to deal with different types of circumstances – a challenge may not require the same approach, resources, or timing issues as a crisis.
  • Communication tools to help engage and influence others to act responsibly and effectively without compromising organizational integrity, job accountabilities, and relationships.

The skill of Influential leadership can have a dramatic impact on organizational performance and well-being according to a number of metrics including revenue and profitability, employee and customer engagement and retention, risk and safety issues, brand equity, and operational efficiency. Participants will be given the opportunity to analyze and share a situation from their experience and how it was or could be handled to apply lessons from the workshop.