Organizations expect tangible results from those trusted with leading change. However success can be inconsistent even within organizations; why?

Annette Verschuren, CEO of NRStor and formerly of Home Depot Canada and Michaels Canada, shares her secret to delivering results: Focus on Action! – The secret to being a strong leader? Stop debating “strategy” 16 May 2016

“If there’s one thing that will prevent you from getting results and capitalizing on your best ideas, it’s waiting for the perfect plan. I’ll go out on a limb and say that nothing kills progress like a brilliant strategy. When I review my career, I can honestly say that any success I have experienced has had less to do with strategic planning and almost everything to do with action. I’m not saying I don’t plan, nor am I suggesting that you abandon any attempt to craft an articulate vision for your life, career or organization. Everyone needs a destination and a basic plan for reaching it. But I have observed that the main thing preventing people from reaching that desired destination is unwitting procrastination, most often in the form of the hunt for a brilliant plan.

“Nothing kills progress like a brilliant strategy.”

As a leader, your job is to get results. Results aren’t the byproduct of thought, but of making decisions and taking action—quickly. Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a new business, a leader within an established company trying to improve operations or the executive director of a non-profit trying to get maximum results on a shoestring budget, the ability to quickly bring solid ideas to fruition will determine your success. Anything that prevents you from deciding and acting isn’t helpful.”

To read the full article : Annette Verschuren- “Bet on me”

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