What does it mean to be a leader in an organizational support function? To many, it may mean being on your own or being seen as someone who adds work, not value, to others. It takes a great deal of confidence, even courage, to lead initiatives. It requires foresight and vision to add real value, especially with limited resources and the press of urgent daily demands.

Many of us are privileged to work in roles that support the success of our organizations: Human Resources, Safety, and Risk Management. Forward thinking leaders in these areas add value to people and to the business bottom line. The work of initiating and leading value-adding programs and processes can be personally rewarding. However, being a change initiator by its nature means being a disruptor. It can be challenging to influence others in your organization and to gather the needed support and resources to realize the needed change.

Support function leaders must create value in areas that are rarely the primary focus of the organization. With scarce resources and high demands for support, one has to be a strategic negotiator, a capable and flexible tactician, and a compelling influencer.

This is the reason that we created the 3P Exchange Leadership Symposium: to provide value for organizational “creators of value through influence”, by:

  • Delivering an experience that inspires balance, energy, and focus, enabling you to deliver authentic leadership
  • Providing a place to identify new strategies and solutions to foundational organizational issues
  • Delivering an experience that is enjoyable and fosters trusting relationships, old and new.

This years Symposium is a handcrafted opportunity for leaders, emerging leaders, and influencers in HR, Safety, and Risk Management to engage in conversation about maximizing the impact and value we bring to organizations. Over the coming weeks we will provide additional details on our various presenters and topics including

  • Are you being an Authentic Leader?
  • Influencers strategies for managing the 3 “C’s” of organizational conflict, and
  • Leadership Lessons from Jazz!

We will be reaching out to you every couple of weeks to provide you information about the 2017 3P Exchange Leadership Symposium experience. We hope that you will join a “Community of Influencers” on October, 17th and 18th in beautiful Niagara On The Lake, ON. Plan to be part of the conversation!

We will be sharing more details about our partners and speakers in the coming weeks with the latest details always available at 3PExchange.com. Welcome to 3P Exchange and we hope that you choose to join us for the 3P Exchange Leadership Symposium where we will be able to gather together to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with others.

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The 3P Exchange Leadership Symposium is focused on creating  the opportunity and space to learn, reflect and connect. Visit www.3pexchange.com to find out more about speakers and events at the 3P Exchange Leadership Symposium including information on registering and booking your accommodations at the Pillar and Post Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. October 17 & 18, 2017. I hope to see you there!

Dylan Short
President and CLO